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Need to make big plans and changes? Or want to see the largest picture of your life available? When you need information that is more concrete than what you will receive from a tarot or psychic reading, this is where you should turn. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DOB, TIME OF BIRTH, AND PLACE (CITY & STATE) OF BIRTH FOR THESE READINGS TO BE ACCURATE! Please read through to see a list of readings that we offer:)

These readings pull from your birth chart. We can pinpoint details of your life that will help you to understand who and why you are the person you have become. These readings can go into great detail to help with life situations such as career, relationships (spouse, children, and family), the year ahead, business planning, relocation planning, and even understanding your purpose and life mission!

This is the highest quality reading available for people that are serious about themselves and their future. These are best for buisness owners, career planning, large moves in life, investment planning, understanding your soul and mission in life, understanding difficult family dynamics, comparing your chart to the person you are getting ready to spend the rest of your life with, etc. THINK BIG with DETAILED questions when it comes to this type of reading.

Here is a list of the Astrology Readings that we offer...

Birth Chart Reading 1 Hr $175 When you are looking for complete self awareness in life, this is a great place to start! This is a one hour reading of your chart that utilizes your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth to map out the bits and pieces of who you are as a person. This type of reading goes over your Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign and more.

When you are looking to understand....

your best traits, your drawbacks, or areas of life that are best for you to focus on....

Then this reading will be perfect for you. Think of this as getting to know yourself on the deepest level possible. Finally understand what and why you tick the way you do!

Focused Progressed Chart Reading 1 Hr $175 If you are already familiar with who you are, and self-awareness into the deepest depths of your soul and life has already been a step you have made, you may be interested this type of reading. This chart will cover 2 years of your life moving forward! Again, this is still a general type of read due to the vast amount of information that will be covered.

Subjects that will be covered (if they fall into your chart of course) are areas of health and any concerns in certain areas of your life you should be made aware of.

What areas of life do you need to be focused on for better or worse? Are there changes in family situations coming up? Could you be moving? Lots of travel? And more...

Think of this as the opportunity to learn the secrets that lie ahead so that you can be proactive to the best of your ability in life.

Life Specific Reading $145 45 minutes When you need extreme precise guidance on one subject, stop right here! This chart will cover only 1 subject area of the following...This type of reading can get down and dirty with specifics that will help to catapult you into the next right direction in life. It won't pull any punches for you, so be ready to listen and take action!

Career/Business/Financial Planning When you need a little extra guidance on which career path is right for you.

Are you considering changing careers? Are you going into business for yourself but not sure if this is the right path for you? Trying to put some actions into your goals and planning and need help deciding the best way to go about it?

Relationship Chart Reading Are you one of those people that keep repeating the same patterns in relationships and don't know why? Or maybe, you want to understand what type of partner you should be looking for? How about learning about areas of yourself that need to be focused on in order for you to attract the right person? Do you keep attracting the same wrong person? This is exactly what this chart reading would go over.

Relocation Chart Reading Relocation chart readings are extremely helpful when you are wanting to make a change in life by moving somewhere completely different. Believe it or not, we can take a look and see if this is a good idea, a good or bad time, or where your chart says you should consider moving to. These relocation questions can be both personal and business based.

Composite or Comparison Chart Reading 30 Minutes $75 This is when you take 2 charts and put them together. Are you getting married and want to know if this person is "right" for you? Or do you have a family member that you are always in constant conflict with? Then we can start by putting your charts together and create a chart that is created from both of you. Get to know and understand how this person will fit into your life and vice versa. This chart can also give great insight into why people may be in your life when there is so much conflict between you. It will help you understand each other's traits, drawbacks, and can be great for conflict resolution.

Our professional Astrologer has over 30+ years experience reading charts.

This type of reading does not play around! The information you receive during this reading can be very pinpoint accurate, assisting you in making decisions moving forward for some of the most important events in your life!

NECESSARY FOR THIS APPOINTMENT: You MUST KNOW your DOB, time of birth, and place of birth. If you do not have these, we can help you obtain these. But without this information the reading will not be on point.




READINGS are perfect when you have questions about certain events, decisions, and stages in life that you need clarification with.

Readings can help you find clarity, help us to understand our past, our present, and see our possibilities to come. Giving us the opportunity to make changes in certain areas if fate will allow. We can make huge shifts in our lives with the right reading!

A good reading can put you back on the right path and keep you in alignment with your purpose. It can also help you to make decisions that keep you moving forward.

They can truly be a blessing!

1 Hour Tarot Reading $80



Even though we don't book specifically for these, sometimes these messages have a way of showing up when needed.

PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP READINGS are tremendously healing. Allowing our loved ones that are no longer with us, to communicate with us here and now.

Hearing what they have to say, one more time.

We are never prepared when it comes time for our loved ones to move on. No matter how long, or short on time, we have had to say our goodbyes. Having the opportunity to feel their personality and hear little mentions of things that only you and that person would know touches the heart in a way that no one else can explain.

Sometimes we just need to know they are ok, need that one last conversation, or just want to know they are watching. These are the readings that deliver the most healing.


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