Tarot Readings

What to Expect from a Tarot Reading at Our Jacksonville Spa

Tarot Readings are perfect when you have questions about certain events, decisions, and stages in life.

Readings can help you find clarity, help you to understand your past, your present, and see your possibilities to come, giving you the opportunity to make changes in certain areas if fate will allow. You can make huge shifts in your life with the right reading!

A good reading can put you back on the right path and keep you in alignment with your purpose. It can also help you to make decisions that keep you moving forward.

1 Hour Tarot Reading $80

What to Expect from a Psychic Mediumship Reading at Our Jacksonville Spa

Even though we don't book specifically for these, sometimes these messages have a way of showing up when needed.

Pyschic Mediumship Readings are tremendously healing. They allow our loved ones that are no longer with us, to communicate with us here and now.

We are never prepared when it comes time for our loved ones to move on. No matter how long or short on time, we have had to say our goodbyes. Having the opportunity to feel their personality and hear little mentions of things that only you and that person would know touches the heart in a way that no one else can explain.

Sometimes we just need to know they are ok, need that one last conversation, or just want to know they are watching. These are the readings that deliver the most healing.

Gift the Gift of a Tarot Reading

Surprise someone you love with a Tarot Reading from our gift card selection.