Combo Massage

Beauty Inside & Out

Combination Massage — The best of both worlds!

If you have one area of your body that needs the relief offered by Deep Tissue Massage but want to pamper the rest of you with a gentler Relaxation Massage, a Combo Massage will give you the benefits of both in one 60- or 90-minute session.

60-minute $90

90-minute $120

Hot Stone Massage, Cupping Therapy, and more

We have several enhancements you can add to your 60- or 90-minute relaxation massage. Remember, aromatherapy and hot towels are included in every massage. If you wish, your therapist can smudge the room before beginning.

  • You can choose a delightfully scented salt scrub for your feet or your back (or pamper both!) $15 each | $30 for both
  • Warm and soothe your tired muscles with hot stones. $20
  • Treat specific body areas with cupping, an ancient form of alternative medicine where suction cups are placed on your skin to increase blood flow to those areas, facilitating healing, relaxation, and well-being. $20
  • “Rest & Relax” is a 20-minute quiet time added to the end of your massage. We’ll turn the lights down, adjust your table warmer to your liking, and leave you cocooned in blissful solitude, allowing you to prolong the “ahhhhh” feeling. You can even take a quick nap; we’ll wake you gently. $25

Gift Cards for Combo Massage

A Combination Massage is a lovely and thoughtful gift. Mark a special occasion or just say you care, with a gift card from our selection.